Chise Asukagawa (飛鳥川ちせ, Asukagawa Chise) is a main character in SSSS.Dynazenon.


Chise seems to be very laid back and almost somehow very energetic and very tired at the same time. She doesn't attend school most of the time and often expresses her dislike toward school. As most children are she can get obnoxious at times, she also likes candy quite a bit and can be often seen eating a lollipop. Due to the fact she skips school pretty much everyday, she could be considered a delinquent of sorts. She spends all of her time with her cousin Koyomi Yamanaka and even wants to be like him.


Chise wears a strapless shirt that is held up by a choker, with laced sides. Along with a black skirt with a slit in the right side leg, adorned by a belt. She has a handwarmer on her right arm and a yellow bracelet on her left. She wears strap on red boots. Her red and brown hair is always seen in braids with her bangs out.

Powers and Abilities


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