Dyna Dragon, also known as Dragon Fortress in its aircraft configuration, was Gridman's third Assist Weapon in Denkou Choujin Gridman.

Just as God Zenon comprised of three smaller Assist Weapons, Dyna Dragon is comprised of two: Dragonic Cannon and King Jet. The former is a cannon which design inspired by one of the treasures from a Chinese Mummy, specifically dragon-themed cannons used by Chinese military in the past hence Dragonic Cannon's dragon/theropod dinosaur-shaped muzzle. Additionally, Dragonic Cannon can assume combat aircraft-like configuration called Dyna Fighter that can be remotely controlled on the same manner with God Zenon and his components. King Jet on the other hand, is a jet-like Assist Weapon that had been designed by Ippei sometime prior, though he had yet to decide which color that suit its wings best until he chose white as per his art teacher's suggestion.

Dyna Dragon later received its dragon/dinosaur configuration through implementing the image of Tyrannosaurus.

As Dragon Fortress, Dyna Dragon was deployed to disable Mecha Stealgan' invisibility.

During the fight against Takeshi Todo' Venora, Ippei had a difficulty in designing Dyna Dragon's powered suit configuration for Gridman to counter the Mega-Virus' toxic gas ability despite already prepared the combination program beforehand. Eventually, he simplified by reconfiguring King Jet instead as per Yuka's suggestion.

Alongside God Zenon and Gridman Sword, Dyna Dragon was destroyed by Khan Digifer during the final battle. With exception of Gridman Sword that seemingly succeeded by Gridman Calibur, both Assist Weapons were restored so Gridman and his brother Gridman Sigma could combat Neo Khan Digifer.


As Dragon Fortress, Dyna Dragon is a red and white massive aircraft-like Assist Weapon with golden and blue parts. It also has two pairs of heavy pieces on the sides, a crest just behind the cockpit, and Dragonic Cannon docked underneath.

When it assumed its draconic/dinosaur configuration, heavy pieces on the sides unfold into arms and legs, the cockpit and crest folds to form the chest, and both crested head and tail emerges to complete b=the transformation.


In contrast to other Assist Weapons, Dyna Dragon and its components can act as a weapon (Dragonic Cannon), support vehicles (Dyna Fighter and King Jet), independent robot (Dyna Dragon), and Gridman's armor (King Jet) altogether. It is also a lightning bruiser equivalent to God Zenon; both displayed impressive offensive and defensive capabilities on their own yet Dyna Dragon appears to be superior to the latter in terms of speed. This was reflected by Dyna Dragon's role as powered armor for Gridman in which the Assist Weapon allows the Hyper Agent to exert full speed and agility.

Special Abilities:

  • Fortress Missiles: Dragon Fortress can fire missiles with enough firepower to damage a Mega-Virus' durable hide.
  • Penetrator Cannons: Dragon Fortress has built-in cannons with enough firepower to damage a Mega-Virus' durable hide.

  • Penetrator Cannons: Dyna Dragon retains the ability to use Penetrator Cannons which became its shoulder blasters.
  • Dragon Roar: Dyna Dragon can project fiery heat beam from its mouth.
  • Claws and Tails: Dyna Dragon is outfitted with sharp claws and tail to perform devastating melee attacks, such as Tail Lancer (tail whip attack), Dragon Claws (claw slash attack), and Dragon Kick (powerful clawed kick)

Components & Combination

Dragonic Cannon in its default weapon mode (bottom) and aircraft mode known as Dyna Fighter (top)

Inspired by dragon-themed cannons used by Chinese military in the past hence the dragon shaped head as a muzzle, Dragonic Cannon is a bazooka-like assist weapon Gridman can use to fire destructive fiery beams that can severely injure a Mega-Virus in one hit, a technique called Dragon Fire. The Hyper Agent can also use it in his King Gridman form as revealed in Denkou Choujin Gridman: "boys invent great hero", though enhanced strength provided by said form allows him to wield it like a hand cannon and the beam is depicted much more intense.

Dragonic Cannon would later receive its aircraft mode known as Dyna Fighter armed with Dyna Missiles and Dyna Lasers and remotely controlled by Ippei or Yuka in the same manner as God Zenon's parts.

King Jet

King Jet is a heavily armed, huge aircraft armed with King Missiles and King Lasers, downgraded versions of Dragon Fortress' Fortress Missiles and Penetrator Cannons.

King Gridman Form live action.png
King Gridman is Gridman's second upgraded form accessible by use of King Jet that reconfigure itself into armor he wears. In addition of much stronger than Thunder Gridman, King Gridman armor provides Gridman greater speed and agility along with its own set of arsenal and gas mask to counteract gas-based attacks.
  • King Grid Beam: King Gridman's enhanced Grid Beam which performed in the same manner which Thunder Grid Beam, albeit stronger in terms of firepower.
  • King Grid Fire: King Gridman's improved version of Thunder Grid Fire.
  • Penetrator Cannons: Built-in cannons on King Gridman's forearms which projects armor-piercing beams that can peel off most resilient of kaiju hide.
  • King Fixer Beam: King Gridman's upgraded version of the Fixer Beam.
  • Dragonic Cannon: Only shown in Denkou Choujin Gridman: "boys invent great hero", it is a cannon designed based on a Chinese relic which projects a blast of flames called Dragon Fire.


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