Gauma (ガウマ, Gauma) is a protagonist in SSSS.Dynazenon.

As with Kaiju Eugenicists whom he used to affiliate with, he is a "Kaiju User" from five thousand years ago entrusted with Dynazenon by a female benefactor. That, coupled with his desire to meet said benefactor, resulted in him and members of the group to split apart and became bitter enemies following their revival in modern era.


Despite seemingly as loud and aggressive as his appearance suggests, Gauma is much socially awkward yet kinder and considerate than he lets on. He was quick to consider Yomogi to be a good friend and even stands up for him when Yume broke her promise with the latter despite their feelings initially not mutual.


Gauma appears to be a young man with shaggy salmon hair, black rings around his emerald eyes, and a scar that run across his left cheek. His attire consists of opened up navy blue shirt which sleeves' lower half being yellow and has light blue pattern over them in addition of yellow patterns on the left side, bandages over his chest and arm, navy blue pants secured with black belt with salmon chains and bucklers, and yellow shoes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Skilled Pilot: Gauma proved himself as a capable pilot of Dynazenon, as he successfully used it to combat Shalbandes and even unlocks the mech's full combat capabilities at the same time despite admitting it was the first time he did so with the only guide being its AI.


  • Gauma may very well based on the mummy featured in Denkou Choujin Gridman episode The Dragon Legend, as both are individuals from 5000 years ago who has the power to control a dragon, possessing a dragon-shaped relic, and revived in modern era. Whereas the latter appeared as the minor antagonist and still an undead, Gauma instead featured as the protagonist and fully regenerated to human form.
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