God Zenon was the robot ally and Assist Weapon belonged to Gridman. The basis of this second Assist Weapon was a robot toy belonged to Ippei's little sister, Kana Baba. During his creation, God Zenon was originally three separate vehicle-type Assist Weapons it comprised of; Thunder Jet, Twin Driller, and God Tank. The former two was devised by Ippei to help Gridman combating Terragaia while the last one deployed during the fight against Metallus. Eventually, the combination program required to form God Zenon was devised to combat Magnegauss' threat.

While reliable, God Zenon is susceptible to Junk's malfunction, a setback which proved troublesome as it prevented Ippei and Yuka from controlling him again in certain situations. During Generadon's attack, Ippei managed to give him the ability to form a power suit over Gridman, giving the Hyper Agent his Thunder Gridman form to counter the Mega-Virus' energy-draining abilities.

Alongside Dyna Dragon and Gridman Sword, he was destroyed by Khan Digifer during the final battle. While God Zenon and Dyna Dragon later restored so Gridman and his brother Gridman Sigma could combat Neo Khan Digifer, the former was seemingly succeeded/replaced by Powered Zenon, who born from three of Gridman's splintered fragments that may or may not represented memories pertaining God Zenon himself.


Gor Zenon is a humanoid robot around the same size with Gridman whose arms, head, and upper body are formed by Thunder Jet, whereas his abdomen and thighs by Twin Driller and legs by God Tank.


In stark contrast to faster and acrobatic Gridman, God Zenon emphasized brute strength and durability not only to withstand more damaging attacks, but also packs quite a punch in combat. Due to his movements are remotely controlled by Ippei and Yuka through the Junk, the robot will be rendered immobile should the computer shows any signs of malfunctioning.

Special abilities:

  • God Breaker: God Zenon delivers uppercut punch strong enough to send a Mega-Virus flying. It becomes basis to Powered Zenon's powered breaker.
  • God Punch: Deploys rocket punches against the opponent.
  • Bullet Screw: A combination attack with Gridman and Dyna Dragon.

Components & Combination

Thunder Jet DCG.jpg
Thunder Jet is a red vehicle-type Assist Weapon in form of an aircraft that forms upper body of God Zenon and both breastplate and helmet of Gridman's Thunder Gridman form. It is armed with guided missiles called Thunder Missiles and Thunder Ring a weapon in form of muzzle designed to prevent Terragaia from exhaling its signature hydrochloric acid attacks.

Twin Drilller DCG.jpg
Twin Driller is a vehicle-type Assist weapon in form of black, red, and blue drill tank with twin drills to transverse through the ground as well as able to fly and hover around. Its twin drills can also project laser blasts as a form of long-range attack. In addition of forming lower body and thights of God Zenon, Twin Driller forms gauntlets and pauldrons of Gridman's Thunder Gridman form.

God Tank DCG.jpg
God Tank is a vehicle-type Assist Weapon in form of tracked vehicle. In addition of designed so Gridman could stand on it like a skateboard, God Tank is armed with God Cannon, twin cannons that fire projectiles called God Laser and form both legs of God Zenon and greaves of Gridman's Thunder Gridman form.

Thunder Gridman Form live action.jpg
Thunder Gridman is Gridman's upgraded form where God Zenon acts as a suit of armor. In this form, he can fire the Twin Driller's bore tips which can home in on the target like missiles. In addition of weaponry, the armor also greatly improve his strength and durability at the cost of degraded speed.
  • Thunder Grid Beam: Thunder Gridman's enhanced Grid Beam which fired from the right hand.
  • Thunder Grid Fire: Fiery beam projected from the breastplate. Alongside Chest Beam, the technique become basis to Full-Powered Gridman's Breast Spark.
  • Thunder Fixer Beam: As Thunder Gridman, Gridman's Fixer Beam ability is enhanced that he can restore more devastating of damages in Computer World.
  • Drill Break: Projecting Twin Driller's bore-tips as missiles. The technique become basis to Full-Powered Gridman's Twin Drill Spark.
  • Chest Beam: Thunder Gridman fires an energy beam from the crystal on his chest. Alongside Thunder Grid Fire, the technique become basis to Full-Powered Gridman's Breast Spark.
  • God Tank Missiles: Thunder Gridman can project smaller missiles from his greaves.
  • Dragon Spiral: Performed with King Grid Sigma's aid, he and Thunder Gridman projects energy beams which turn into three dragons that strike the opponent, hence the name.

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