Hime to Samurai

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SSSS.GRIDMAN: Hime & Samurai (SSSS.GRIDMAN 姫とサムライ, SSSS.GRIDMAN: Hime & Samurai) is a Japanese spin-off manga created by Kei Toru. The story follows the NGJHS member, Samurai Calibur and the main protagonist Hime Kuzuki, a seemingly normal transfer student whose world begins to change when she's able to see a light that none of her classmates can. It began serialization on the Monthly Comic Alive's December 2019 issue on October 26, 2019.[1]


List of Chapters

  1. Princess and Samurai (姫と侍, Hime to Samurai)
  2. Rescue and Throbbing (救出とトキメキ, Kyūshutsu to Tokimeki)
  3. Assault and Promises (強襲とヤクソク, Kyōshū to Yakusoku)


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