Juuga (ジュウガ, Juuga) is a character in SSSS.Dynazenon. He is a member of Kaiju Eugenicists.


So far Juuga is the most calm, collected and seemingly mature person out of the Eugenicists, with his basic polar opposite being Onija who unlike Juuga is almost always seen yelling or being angered in some way. He also seems to want to get Yomogi Asanaka on their side, with or without Gauma. Juuga would probably be considered the most reasonable out of the four. Juuga has stated he used to look up to Gauma but also seems to be the least affected by his departure.


File:Juuga-Gauma Speaking To Yomugi.png

Juuga is the tallest person in the Kaiju Eugenicists. He has short brown hair and black glasses. He also seems to dress a little more formally than the rest of his team, seen in photos with the other Eugenicists. However like everyone else he wears the same color pallet as the entire team.

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