Onija (オニジャ, Onijya) is a character in SSSS.Dynazenon. He a member of Kaiju Eugenicists.


Gauma remarks Onija as an idiot for his fiery and impulsive personality where he has a tendency to voice his opinions and emotions outwardly. Onija also appears to be affected most by Gauma's departure, having vowed to kill him for his desertion. He tends to act only on his emotions quite frequently, with Juuga usually being the one to stop him, and/or calm him down.


Onija is the second tallest of the Kaiju Eugenicists, after Juuga. He has crimson eyes and matching colored hair with one side swept covering his right eye. He wears the signature Eugenicist colors, with his version of the outfit having three pink stripes on the right sleeve. His shirt is tucked in beneath his belt but not his pants. He also has his left ear pierced twice on the left side. His left middle finger and his right index finger are adorned with rings.

Powers and Abilities


  • From "What is a Traitor?" and onwards, Onija being nearly crushed by a kaiju's debris at the conclusion of the battle becomes the show's recurring gag.


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