Neon Genesis Junior High Students (新世紀中学生, Shinseki Chūgakusei), also known in their combined form Powered Zenon (パワードゼノン, Pawādo Zenon), are a team of four sentient Hyper Agents who assisted Gridman in SSSS.Gridman.

Following his defeat at hands of Alexis Kerib, Gridman was split into six fragments. Whereas one of them possessed his host Yuta as the master one resided within Tsutsudjidai's recreation of Junk, the rest became Neon Genesis Junior High Students; Borr, Vit, Max, and Calibur. Despite being technically Repli-Compoid progenies of Gridman in some respect, each of them still carried fragments of the Hyper Agent that spawned them before eventually returned said fragments to him, restoring their parent and true leader of his true form. The four may very well successors to Gridman Sword and God Zenon.


Powered Zenon's head and the torso's front half are formed by the drill machine Buster Borr. Its arms and the torso's rear half are formed by the jetplane Sky Vittor. Its legs are formed by the tank Battle Tracto Max.

When Gridman Calibur is equipped in Axe Mode (アックスモード, Akkusu Mōdo), it becomes the Powered Axe (パワードアックス).


  • Super Strength: Powered Zenon possesses enough strength to send an opponent flying with one strike.
  • Enhanced Durability: Powered Zenon is capable of taking attacks without residual aftereffects.


  • Powered Breaker (パワードブレーカー, Pawādo Burēka): Powered Zenon delivers an uppercut to send the opponent flying high in the air.
  • Jumbo Saber Slash (ジャンボセイバースラッシュ, Janbo Seibā Surasshu): Powered Zenon charges the Powered Axe with blue lightning before striking an opponent with enough energy to cleave them in half.


  • The faceplate resembles Goldymarg's from Yushaou GaoGaiGar.
  • Voice drama episodes reveal some insights regarding Neon Genesis Junior High Students;
    • The group have taken the role of Hyper Agents, which no surprise given that they spawned from their respective fragment of Gridman after the latter's defeat at hands of Alexis Kerib.
    • They have amassed enough wealth to become reach and even afford their respective residence to live in presumably sometime prior to eventually join Yuta and co.
    • Their group's name was to honor certain junior high students who protected the world at the turning of the century who may very well Ippei Baba, Yuka Inoue, and Naoto Sho, predecessors of Gridman Alliance trio (Yuta Hibiki, Sho Utsumi, and Rikka Takarada).
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