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An upcoming stage play adaptation for SSSS.Gridman is scheduled to premiere from May 7-10, 2020 at the Zenrozai Hall Space Zero, and on May 15-17 at the Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall.[1] However, the stage play has since postponed until further notice in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan.[2][3]

It was co-developed by Tsuburaya Productions and Studio Trigger.


"I was saved by Gridman."

This is a world somewhere connected to that day. Another world.

The four Neon Genesis Students woke up in a strange place.

There in this world, heroes called "Characters" defeat "Evil Combatants" to keep the city in peace.

A mysterious girl and a boy resembling Anti appear in front of the Neon Genesis Junior High Students.

"This is a world that doesn't need you. Return to the right world."

The four people feel an evil presence in the shadow of the girl who talked about the "world".

Why did they get lost in a world that should have been peaceful?

A mysterious girl, a boy resembling Anti, and strong Characters who have double standards.

Feeling the uncomfort, the four start an investigation where they eventually reach a boy who knows Gridman.[4]


  • Director: Fumiya Matsuzaki
  • Screenplay: Yume Mizusawa, Fumiya Matsuzaki


Neon Genesis Junior High Students


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