Samurai Calibur (サムライ・キャリバー, Samurai Kyaribā), also known as Gridman Calibur in his Assist Weapon form, is a character in SSSS.Gridman. He is one of Gridman's Assist Weapons in the anime, and the member of a covert group called the Neon Genesis Junior High Students.


Samurai Calibur seems quirky and eccentric, bumping into doors with his katana and navigating through the city weirdly; walking on roofs and jumping off staircases. He has a stutter at the beginning of his sentences, although he loses it when being more serious. He also isn't the type to explain himself much.

Compared to his fellow NGJHS members, he is shown to be socially awkward, blatantly barging into every room in a karaoke bar, which prompted Yuta to stop him to avoid unwanted attention in Episode 4 - Suspicion. Because of his unsettling appearance, Yuta at times worried that he would attract unwanted attention, which eventually happened in Episode 8 - Confrontation.

He is also a considerate person, getting Rikka tea after hearing that she can't have carbonated drinks and listening to her troubles.


In human form, he's hunchbacked. He has medium-long black hair that covers up some of his face, with part sticking up on top. His eyes are blue, and he has some stubble.

He wears a grey shirt with a loose black tie that's clipped to his shirt lower down. His black jacket has a purplish mark on its left side, and he wears black pants and shoes. He keeps four katana on him.


Despite appearing human/Repli-Compoid, Calibur is in fact, a Hyper Agent born from one of Gridman's splintered fragments (though unconfirmed, said fragment may or may not represent Gridman's memories pertaining Gridman Sword due to his Assist Weapon form). As such, he is endowed with special abilities befitting to his role and origin.

  • Superhuman Physiology: Despite his unassuming appearance, Calibur is much stronger, faster, and more resilient than ordinary human, able to carry Gridman Alliance all at once while jumping through buildings on ease, react and slice up a piece of falling building to protect Yuta and the others, and fighting Anti in their respective human forms for extensive period of time.
  • Supreme Combatant: Calibur is also a formidable and swordsman through the use of his four (originally five) swords, able to keep up and eventually overpowered Anti on his own in combat.
  • Computer Skills: Calibur has displayed some computer skills, and able to quickly modify Junk to optimize Gridman. This seemed to be basic skills that he and his fellow NGJHS possessed as a Hyper Agent, as Vit, Borr, and Max shown worked together fixing Junk after Akane damaged it by overturning the computer.
  • Electrifying Great Sword: Gridman Calibur: With the use of Junk and Access Code: Gridman Calibur, Calibur assumed the form of a yellow and black sword. The sword has a black handle with yellow pommel and blade along with silver axe-like attachment and spherical green gem that flashes whenever he speaks. In Anti's hands, Calibur's Assist Weapon form assumes black and red coloration instead as well as lacks its axe attachment. In the hands of Powered Zenon on the other hand, the its axe attachment opens up to assume the Assist Weapon's Axe Mode configuration.
    • Grid Calibur End: A finishing move utilized by Gridman and Gridman Calibur that involves the former being boosted towards the target with his thrusters before slicing it into half.
      • Knight Calibur End: Anti's version of Grid Calibur End that performed in similar manner with the difference being him holding Gridman Calibur in reverse grip.
    • Grid Full Power Finish: A finisher utilized by Full-Powered Gridman and Gridman Calibur where the former delivers energized slash upon the target after charging the required energy via. Full Power Charge.
    • Jumbo Saber Slash: A finisher performed by Powered Zenon with Samurai Calibur in his Assist Weapon form's Axe Mode configuration where the former cleaves their opponent into half with the latter after energizing him with Powered Axe.


  • Swords: Calibur has four swords stored on his back, which sharp enough to cut through steel. Though its appearance suggested that the weapon might be modelled after the Japanese Chokuto, upon unsheathed, its blade quickly assumes a broad, jagged form perfect for both cutting and shredding through enemy weapons and/or armor. The weapon also was shown very durable, as it received little to no damage against Anti's circular saw.


  • Samurai Calibur is named after Samurai Sword, the corresponding assist weapon in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.  His initials S.C are the same as Sam Collins, the wielder of Samurai Sword in that show.  His name is aslo a tribute, SAMurai Calibur, however he was drawn based on the current appearance of Masaya Obi, the actor of Naota Sho, the japanese counterpart of Sam Collins, making Samurai Calibur a fused incarnation of both of the former main protagonist characters.
  • The purple mark on his coat may be a reference to Slug’s robot mode shoulders, a Dinobot from Transformers Age of Extinction.
  • Samurai Calibur is the first Assist Weapon who made his debut in the anime series.
  • As he later confirmed to be born from one of Gridman's splintered fragments coupled with his ability to transform into Gridman Calibur, he and his Gridman fragment may represent Gridman's memories pertaining Gridman Sword.
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