What's Lover-Like Mean? (恋人みたいって、なに?, Koibito mitai tte, nani?) is the fifth episode of the SSSS.Dynazenon series.

Monster of the week: Neophobia (ネオフォビア, Neophobia)


At Chise's suggestion, Yomogi and his friends go to a large outdoor pool, but there is unexpected company there. Gauma orders Yomogi and Yumemi to pretend to be lovers for a certain mission.[1]


The episode begins with Chise showcases her mastery over the basics of Dynasoldier and even manages to perform an acrobatic leap with it, much to the astonishment of Yomogi and Yume. Recalling on the partial combination Yomogi and Yume made previously (Dynasoldier Wing Combine), Chise asks whether Dynasoldier can combine with Koyomi's Dynastriker as much as with Yume's Dynawing. Despite their hesitation, the two give it a shot and successfully perform a combination called Dynasoldier Striker Combine in which Dynastriker splits into a pair of oversized robotic fists attached on Dynasoldier's arms. However, Yomogi and Koyomi soon learn its downside where the fists proved too heavy for Dynasoldier and the gestalt Dynazenon component predictably collapses under their weight. Wondering whether such setback has something to do with its mediocre, if not poor balance, Gauma asks the two for another attempt just to make sure, but Yomogi and Koyomi refuse due to their respective appointment. He understands the former and Yume are still looking for information pertaining the late Kano, but wonders what the latter's is as much as Chise. Nevertheless, they decide to call it a day.

Later that day, Yomogi and Yume meet Urita at a restaurant during which the latter shows the former two video pertaining Kano which admittedly, the edited version instead of original one and that one must have the link to access it since the footage isn't available in public. Yume reassures it not to be a big deal before Urita further reveals that he got more videos which he and his friends hid from the school because they showed Kano and the others goofing off thus not available in the internet search. Watching the footages, Yume remarks that her late sister smiled a lot.

Meanwhile Koyomi and Inamoto are having a diner together somewhere else. The former worries whether it's okay for them to be together like that, but the latter reassures it won't be a problem since her recent marriage proved to be a short-lived one and that her current surname is no longer suited her anymore. In the flashback of their middle school days together, it's shown that their relationship at the time was rather dubious one since Inamoto appeared to have intimidated Koyomi not to disclose the fact that she was the one who broke one of their class' windows. After a while, Inamoto makes her leave, leaving Koyomi uncertain of what to do next now that he knows his implied crush is alone once more. Just then, Chise snaps him from his stupor by revealing her success in winning tickets for a water park called Tokyo Beach Land.

On the next day, Yomogi and Yume are uncertain of what to do because of Shizumu is uncomfortably in their close proximity now that they enroll in the same school. That doesn't helpful for Yomogi as he winds up reminded by Inamoto's suggestion to ask Yume out in their uncertainty. Just then, they learn about Chise's invitation to Tokyo Beach Land and Shizumu unexpectedly overheard the news. Despite their initial shock, the two decide to let him tag along as the invitation gives her an idea to deal their situation. Upon being shared with the invitation and learns that Sizumu will be there as well later that afternoon, Gauma becomes excited as he takes that as another chance to capture one of his former comrades thus shares the group some of his crab-flavored sticks.

Arriving at Tokyo Beach Land, the group see the place not as crowded as expected due to it was June. Things between the boys go rather awkwardly while changing for their swimwear because Gauma barely hides his excitement to get back on Shizumu. As she and Chise converse about their experience in swimming, Yume notices the latter keeps her left arm warmer for some reasons. Later on, Gauma instructs Yomogi and Yume to act as if they are lovers having a date while he personally deals Shizumu. Since the two have developed feelings for each other, they have an awkward beginning with Yume decides to eat her provisions first due to forgot having a breakfast that earlier morning. Meanwhile, Gauma attempts to chase Shizumu only to be reprimanded by the lifeguard for running, leading the oblivious Shizumu to remind the two not to do the same.

Nevertheless, Dynazenon pilots begin to have fun in the earnest. As they do, Gauma begins another attempt to catch Shizumu off guard by walking a bit too fast so as not to be reprimanded again by the active lifeguard only to comically fell into the pool thus wrongfully berated for jumping into the water. Upon being saved from drowning by Chise and Koyomi, Gauma reassures that the second mishap was just some warm-ups. When Yomogi and Yume reach the next attraction, a hanging net in water play area, however, the fun went sour when Yume had a brief panic attack upon seeing a girl fell into the water, prompting her to go for the more secluded area in the part with the worried Yomogi following her.

Believing he unknowingly drained her through their activities together, Yomogi apologizes to his crush for such mistake, but Yume reassures that she doesn't blame him for anything. Meanwhile, Gauma sets out to find Shizumu after resting at the spring alongside Koyomi and Chise only to be collapsed from exhaustion. Around this point, Shizumu barges into Yomogi and Yume's conversation with the latter brushes what the Kaiju Eugenicists member just heard about what Gauma was up to. Suspecting the two are dating, Shizumu ominously remarks their current activity being not unlike that of people who seek freedom while being restrained at the same time and influencing others while being influenced themselves, citing them failed to see the prison that holds them back. Upon being inquired by Yomogi and Yume why he is after them, Shizumu calmly states that he is intrigued by emotions in them, ones that kaijus drawn upon.

Suddenly, the rest of Kaiju Eugenicists show up to pick Shizumu up and leave as quick as they came. Gauma, Chise, and Koyomi arrive to Yomogi and Yume's rescue soon after only to see their friends unharmed. The problem doesn't end there, however, as Gauma senses that a kaiju has revealed itself. Onija is less than impressed by said kaiju's creepy appearance (a six-tentacled turquoise jellyfish-like creature with black underneath and a pair of stubby legs), but his cohorts don't mind with it before Shizumu places the bizarre creature under his control and grows it to gigantic size. Exiting the water park in hurry while not running so they won't be in trouble with the lifeguard, the group waste no time to enlarge their respective Dynazenon component and proceeds to make haste to the scene while still in their swimming attire (they have no time to change clothes due to the gravity of their situation). Just as Koyomi realizes he left Chise behind, his cousin turns out already on Yomogi's side because she enters Dynasoldier out of a newly developed habit.

Once they arrive at the jellyfish-like kaiju's location, the group commence the battle by forming Dynazenon, but Shizumu interrupts the process by having the beast fires a guided laser to destroy Yume's Dynawing. Gauma angrily fires several of Dynastriker's Burst Missiles to stop it only for their opponent disarms the incoming projectiles with its deflation quirk. So instead, Yomogi and Koyomi assume Dynasoldier Striker Combine and use its immense firepower to temporary cripple the jellyfish-like kaiju and save their friend in the process. With no time to lose, the group form Dynazenon and proceed to properly engage the beast. Even so, the monster reveals one last surprise in its sleeve; as soon as it got wrestled upper body first to the ground, it uses its six tentacles to crawl upside down and reveal a massive maw beneath its body to try to chomp the mech with. Not wanting to face another surprise, the group resort to reconfigure Dynazenon into Dynarex and finish it off with Blazing Inferno Rex Roar, blowing it into pieces and resulting a piece of it to crash near the poor Onija.

After the battle ends, the group stop at the nearby riverside in which they (except Yume) decide to swim at to make up their ruined fun back at the water park, but not before Yume thanks Yomogi for saving her back then. While watching her friends having fun, Yume receives a call from Urita that he managed to contact Fuuma, the vice-president of Kano's chorus club. As this happens, Kaiju Eugenicists continue their fair share of fun at the water park in its onsen with Onija expresses his relief from surviving yet another near-death experience.

Later on, Yomogi and Yume meet Fuuma at MusashiBou's to learn about what happened to Kano prior to her accident. The episode abruptly ends with the uncomfortable Fuuma confessed that Kano's death was not an accident at all...




Voice Drama

  • 5.5: Words of Gratitude (感謝の言葉, Kansha no Kotoba)[2]
    • The Kaiju Eugenicists get back into the water park, but it's about to close down. Onija plans out the fastest route to go through everything but nobody wants to listen. He gets mad but eventually the others thank him for using his own money to get back in, despite the park closing soon.



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