What is a Kaiju User? (怪獣使いって、なに?, Kaijū tsukai tte, nani?) is the first episode of the SSSS.Dynazenon series.

Monster of the week: Shalbandes (シャルバンデス, Sharubandesu)


Yomogi promised to meet his classmate, Yume Minami, after his part-time job. However, at the appointed time, Gauma, a mysterious man claiming to be a Kaiju User who Yomogi met the day before, showed up.[1][2]


The episode begins at a city akin Tsutsudjidai from the previous series where its inhabitants are doing their business as usual (Yume arguing with someone, Yomogi earned quite a salary from a part-time job, etc.) during which a hand belonged to someone spread what seemed to be ominous looking pebbles that spread throughout the city. As this happens, Gauma arrives at the city on foot and hears something.

On the next day, Yomogi and his friends are discussing about his plans regarding his upcoming class schedules despite of it is still May, the upcoming cultural festival that supposedly about to be held in the second week of next October, rumor pertaining a student who committed suicide after being bullied, and other things when they come across a lone aloof girl, Yume Minami, singing on top of the roof of a building. His friends begin bringing up the rumor of her can't stop making arrangements to meet boys only to consistently break said arrangements, in which the skeptical Yomogi argued she might not that bad. Yume herself is fully aware with her unhealthy habit and how it made her peers alienated her as pointed by one of her classmates, but paid little attention to it.

We then introduced to Chise Asukagawa and her cousin Koyomi Yamanaka at their home. Chise reminds Koyomi that they're going to have a religious rite in the next week. Whereas Chise deliberately skipped the school that day, Koyomi appears to be a NEET.

Later that afternoon after the school, Yomogi parts ways from his friends while stumbling upon the starving Gauma – apparently, he didn't think about bringing some provisions with him during his journey. Predictably, as soon as Yomogi shares him his special dog, Gauma wasted no time to feast it like a desperate dog. Before he could sneak away, however, the famished young man thanks him and introduces himself, adding that he is also a Kaiju User. Unsure with what he means in such awkward interaction, Yomogi opted not to think about it and flee instead, leaving Gauma who vows to repay his kindness.

We are given the hindsight of Yomogi and Yume's family situation: Mrs. Asanaka, Yomogi's mother, brings her son on dates with her wealthy gentleman caller, Mr. Kamijo. During the latest of such date, Mr. Kamijo gives Yomogi an envelope full of money for the boy's birthday. Finding the gift too much for him, he instead surreptitiously left the enveloped within a nearby donation box while his mother and the caller are not looking. Yume, on the other hand, enters her deceased sister Kano's room which had yet to be repurposed following the latter's abrupt passing after a dinner with her family, finding two things inside; a calendar with a particular date circled (a recital perhaps Yume promised to attend but didn't) and two interlocking metal ankhs that gently clink like a rain chime and shackles in equal measure.

Unknown to everyone, a strange phenomenon looms over the city where things begin to mysteriously float to the air and gradually worsen from there, starting from an empty trash bin floating to the sky as if no longer being held by gravity. This intrigues Chise that she tries to tell her lazy cousin about it.

In the next day, Yomogi tells his classmates about the encounter with Gauma before abruptly makes his leave upon seeing the young man he talked about shows up and chases him like an eager dog. Escaping the strange young man, he cross-paths with Yume by chance with the latter predictably asks Yomogi to meet her at the nearby building when he gets off work at 09.00 PM. Before he could give a proper answer, Yomogi finds himself fleeing again as Gauma proves insistent to meet him, but nevertheless keeps such request in mind. Losing his savior, Gauma asks Yume whether she happened to be Yomogi's friend, only to see the disinterested girl turns away and leaves, leaving him dumbfounded. Despite such interruption, Yomogi keeps such request in mind and even politely declines his young female boss' invitation to go out with her.

As the strange phenomenon at the city worsens, Chise drags her cousin to go out with her so they can better look on what recently happened.

Finally catching up with Yomogi as the latter waiting for Yume as per her arrangement prior, Gauma asks him about what he is doing there and warns him about the imminent rain (which eventually happens few moments later). Correctly guessing that he's waiting for the girl from earlier morning, Gauma begins to press the indifferent Yomogi about it, even asking whether she happened to be his girlfriend. Having enough, the irritated Gauma grabs Yomogi's phone and shocked to see that Yume is already 40 minutes late. This gives Gauma an idea to prove his vow and reassures Yomogi that he will find the girl form him before makes his leave.

It doesn't take long for Gauma to find Yume who turns out longing alone at the nearby bridge and begins to inform her regarding her appointment with Yomogi. Further dismayed to see that Yume had no intention to fulfill such appointment, he begins to chew on her for it, leading to an argument that attracts Yomogi himself. When Yomogi eventually enters the scene and confronts her, all Yume could say is that something is wrong in her.

Suddenly, chaos erupts in the city as a giant blue, silver, and purple kaiju reveals itself as the one behind the strange phenomenon that plaguing the city, using its gravity powers to lay waste upon everything around it. Gauma, who not too surprised compared to the confused Yomogi and Yume, makes a strange gesture at the beast to try to "capture" it somehow to no avail before a device in his pocket suddenly blinks. So instead, he unveils the device within to summon a giant robot to combat the threat, leading it to bring its summoner, Yomogi, and Yume into it with its massive hand. But the newly summoned robot doesn't stop right there, as it soon claims Koyomi as its fourth pilot when the latter and Chise happened to be nearby, much to the latter's horror.

As the bewildered Yomogi, Yume, and Koyomi find themselves within their respective cockpit inside the giant robot, Gauma calmly nods that the robot indeed requires 3 co-pilots in order to fully activates before addressing it as Dynazenon a name that he likes. Using Dynazenon's controller in his grasp, he takes the robot off into the sky and towards the rampaging kaiju with its thrusters, leaving the still-bewildered Chise behind. Evading the enemy's energy beams, Dynazenon lands in front of him with its main pilot, Gauma, recognizes the enemy being affiliated with a shady faction before goes offensive, not wanting it causing more damage.

Dynazenon and the kaiju clash with Gauma forbids Yomogi from touching anything, admitting that it is indeed the first time he is piloting the giant robot. In the ensuing battle, Yume can't help but awed by the robot's impressive combat ability while Koyomi is too occupied with talking to his worried cousin on the phone. The kaiju soon turns the tide of the battle by levitating Dynazenon before causing it to fall back to the ground before continues with splitting its own neck and head into a whip-sword to finish the robot with. While his co-pilots begin to panic upon what would likely an imminent defeat, Gauma demands Dynazenon to reveal what it truly is, splitting the robot apart before reconfiguring it into its dragon/dinosaur configuration, Dyna Rex. Using the robot's mighty jaws, Gauma catches the kaiju's pointy head at the last moment before tossing it away. With no time to lose, Gauma has Dyna Rex taking the kaiju to the sky with it before kicking its opponent upwards for a good measure and finishing it off with Ultimate Flame-Dragon Roar (a fiery beam projected from Dyna Rex's maw), blowing the enemy into smithereens.

While Gauma revels in their victory, Koyomi informs Chise that the fight is over while Yomogi stares at Yume while recalling at what she just said earlier, realizing that she is emotionally troubled all along...



  • The episode's airdate, April 2, coincides with the debut of Dyna Dragon's episode debut (22nd episode) in Denkou Choujin Gridman on Tsuburaya's Youtube Channel earlier.
  • Ippei Baba's favorite special hot dog makes an appearance as the food Yomogi shares with Gauma.
  • Kazuki Komon's lucky charm from Ultraman Nexus made an appearance in the episode as one of plushies in the late Kano Minami's room just as it did as Sakiru Tonkawa's key plushie in Episode 1 - Awakening of SSSS.Gridman, cementing the allusion's presence as the bad omen in the franchise: Whereas the former case foreshadows Yume's psychological issues from Kano's passing, the latter foreshadows Sakiru's death at hands of Akane's Ghoulghilas.


Voice Drama

  • 1.1: Kashiwa-Guilty (カシワギルティ, Kashiwagiruti)[3]
    • Yomogi's friends come up with an inside joke that he missed having gone to work the day before.



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