Yomogi Asanaka (麻中 蓬, Asanaka Yomogi) is the main protagonist of SSSS.Dynazenon. He is the first-year at Fujiyoki High School who became one of three co-pilots of Dynazenon (the other being Yume Minami and Koyomi Yamanaka).


Because of his parents' divorce and his mother begins to hang out with someone she would likely remarry with, Yomogi strives to be independent and becomes workaholic as the result. In stark contrast of Yume, he remains sociable with his peers albeit not as much as he used to be despite his psychological troubles. For the same reason, he is initially reluctant to carry out his duty as the pilot of Dynasoldier and even skipped his training session as the result, a decision which put him at his disadvantages in the second battle unlike his friends who fares better thus necessitating him to improvise with Yume's assistance. It takes said battle and conversation with Yume that he finally finds a conviction to fulfill his newfound destiny in stopping Kaiju Eugenicists.



Yomogi has blue hair and Yellow, Golden eyes. He wears a teal blue hoodie with a dark blue jacket over it. Yomogi also wears two yellow hairclips in his hair on the right side.

Powers and Abilities

  • Skilled Pilot: TBA



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