Yume Minami (南 夢芽, Minami Yume) is a main character in SSSS.Dynazenon. She is an emotionally troubled Fujiyoki High School student who became one of three co-pilots of Dynazenon (the other being Yomogi Asanaka and Koyomi Yamanaka).


Because of her older sister's untimely passing, Yume became emotionally troubled. Not only she became distant towards the others except her best friend Mei, but also develop the habit of breaking promises with every boy she met. Her encounter with Yomogi, who also troubled as much as her coupled with being chosen as the pilot of Dynawing at the same day, allows her to begin to confront her feelings and gradually open up to others once more.


Minami has a graidient of light pink to light brown hair. She wears a tan sweater over a white dress shirt, with a dark blue, button up jacket over top of it. She wears a skirt of the matching color. She usually carries around the ankhs that used to belong to her late sister.

Powers and Abilities


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